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Announcing Version 3.0 - The Best eCommerce Framework for Custom Commerce Development Just Got Better!

by Brian Polster  |  posted June 13, 2013

Not since launching the Broadleaf Commerce framework in 2009 have we had a more significant release. Version 3.0 of Broadleaf Commerce represents our continued goal of providing the best platform for custom commerce development. We had three major objectives for the 3.0 release that were heavily influenced by community and customer feedback. These objectives included removing the technical debt from our GWT based admin, simplifying common customizations, and increasing the modularity of the framework overall.

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Why Broadleaf Commerce continues to use Spring rather than EJB 3 and Java EE

by Kelly Tisdell  |  posted September 11, 2012

There's an old saying that it's bad manners to talk politics and religion. It's likely true that the same can be said for discussing which enterprise application development framework is the best - Spring or Java EE 6.

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Why Your eCommerce Site Should Integrate With Spring Social

by Elbert Bautista  |  posted September 27, 2012

Despite the recent departure of Eran Hammer, one of the lead authors and editors, from the OAuth 2.0 specification with what would seem to be a crippling end to the very popular protocol, the OAuth 2.0 Sky is in fact NOT falling. Hammer cites one of the main reasons for leaving the specification is the fact that the specification is "getting more complex, less interoperable, less useful, more incomplete, and most importantly, less secure."

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